40% commission per sale

We've been unindated with requests to become an Affiliate and have the opportunity to sell our Holster in a Bottle™ product.
In response, we've created an Affiliate Program where you can sign up to become an Affiliate for free, create a short unique coupon code/affilate code which you can give to people interested in purchasing the Holster in a Bottle™ or use the code to have your people order it from your own site or social media such as Facebook® or Twitter®, even Craig's List®, etc. with the code imbedded.

If you simply want to help promote the sale of Holster in a Bottle™ via the internet, all you need is your affiliate code which you can add to your own website, i.e. http://HolsterInABottle.com?aff=mycode.
The other option is a marriage between brick and mortar businesses and the internet where they purchase a display with affiliate cards with your Affiliate code on it which you hand out perhaps when someone purchases a semi-automatic handgun or shows interest in the Holster in a Bottle™.

It costs nothing to sign up for a free Affiliate account below.
If you want to purchase a display kit, those are just $20 and that includes the mini display, 20 Affiliate cards, and a pair of jean shorts with the Holster in a Bottle™ installed snaps and strap.

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